A new smart way to commute​ in the city

Renting an electric moped for your everyday ride has never been so easy

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Urban Mobility Solution to reduce Air pollution & Traffic congestion

Our features

Electric mopeds

User friendly app

Affordable pricing

Eco friendly commute

No driving license needed

How does it work?

1. Download the app

Download the free JEEV app to rent the mopeds.

2. Create an account

Attach photos of your Aadhaar card or driving license.

Within 24 hours your account will be verified and activated.

3. Locate and book

Use the app to find the nearest moped and book it.

You will have 15 minutes to reach the vehicle.

4. Unlock

Scan the QR code using our app to unlock the moped

5. Drive safely
Enjoy the ride but follow the traffic laws
6. Park and end the ride

Park the moped in the determined area.

End the ride using your app.

Jeev Mopeds

A perfect solution for urban traffic

About us

Jeev mobility is a Pune based company which provides smart urban mobility platform. We are committed to be fully electric, zero emission platform by offering a fleet of 100% 2-seater electric mopeds in the market. It is our responsibility as a mobility platform to tackle the challenge of climate change more aggressively.  Our service is an eco-friendly, clean, efficient and affordable way to travel within the city. It is a new smart way to commute in the city.


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